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Superclip Rescue is trusted worldwide by Rescue personnel, Military, Shipping Container Companies, Electric Power Companies, Local and State Governments, Livestock and Animal rescue, Tower and Confined Space Rescue, Construction and Tower rescue.

Superclip Paddle tool

Price: $29.95
The Superclip Paddle tool is designed to hold a carabiner in the open position on the end of a paddle or oar. Once installed the user can use the paddle to reach out and attach a rope to the pinned boat. Once the carabiner is clipped to the boat, pull on the paddle and the carabiner closes and disengages from the Superclip paddle tool. Low profile design allows rescuer to install system and use paddle to paddle over to the pinned boat, clip and go, while never taking their hands off the paddle.  Strap system assures that the Superclip Paddle tool is never lost during a rescue attempt. Use with modified D non locking carabiners.
Now you can easily attach to anchors and out of reach victims with the new Superclip Rescue.