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Superclip Rescue is trusted worldwide by Rescue personnel, Military, Shipping Container Companies, Electric Power Companies, Local and State Governments, Livestock and Animal rescue, Tower and Confined Space Rescue, Construction and Tower rescue.
In 2005 we started Rock Climbing Tools, a company that manufactured a tool for the rock climbing industry called the Superclip. Since that time we've added carabiner manipulation tools for the Tower Rescue and Confined Space Rescue industry. In 2011 we changed our name to Superclip Rescue Tools to better reflect our customer base. Our USA and International sales include Military, Worldwide shipping container companies, Electric Power companies, Rescue services, Expedition teams, Local and State Governments, Tower and general construction, Confined space work and rescue. You can find Superclip Tools worldwide through Dealers and Distributors or you can buy direct through us. If you are a dealer and sell Rescue gear or climbing gear and would like to sell the Superclip line of tools, please call or email.

Now you can easily attach to anchors and out of reach victims with the new Superclip Rescue.